Vause Cribb Chartered Surveyors

Commercial Property Management

The management of commercial property can be time consuming and often an emotive matter for Landlords. The distraction and cost of administering all the details and issues that inevitably arise in rental properties can be both tiresome and in some cases overwhelming. Paperwork, late night phone calls, meetings and irate tenants can quickly become part of everyday life for a Landlord.
Our experienced team will be able to offer advice on all areas of property ownership including legal matters, general agency advice, and accounting matters. We aim to maintain and were possible improve the investments of our clients by providing relevant market data on rents and values. We will ensure that essential repairs are carried out in a timely and professional manner, but while also ensuring costs are kept reasonable.

We are able to offer full Property Management packages to cover commercial and mixed use properties and specialise in portfolios and retail parades. Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 020 7731 8001.